Poseidon Power Wash
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Here are some examples of our latest work. Click on thumbnail to enlarge and read caption.
Surface cleaner in process. This piece of equipment allows us to accomplish an even cleaning without the streaking and erratic marks which a wand can cause.
See? Nice and even, nice and clean.
Moldy vinyl siding and deck.
This customer only wanted the tops of the deck planking done and not the railing and lattice, otherwise I would have hit that too.
More vinyl siding.
Wahhlahh, grime all gone! Notice the clean soffits and gutters too.
PVC decks get just as dirty as other materials.
They clean up sooo nicely.
More moldy vinyl siding and ugly soffits.
After some washing.
PVC deck before Poseidon Power Wash.
PVC deck after Poseidon Power Wash.
Here's the front of the house with the deck . . . the grime on the siding doesn't show up that well in this picture. I should've zoomed my camera on the shutters, they were especially dirty!
This sidewalk has all kinds of stains.
Poseidon Power Wash uses the appropriate chemicals to clean specific stains and grime.
The side of the house with the deck. This is what the front looked like that my camera didn't pick up.
AHHH, so bright and clean.
Another dirty sidewalk.
Another cleaned sidewalk.
Dirty sidewalks are very gratifying to clean & . . .
 . . . sidewalk before/after photos make such a visual impact.
This corner was so dirty, even the Sun refused to shine on it!
Now that it's clean . . .
Here's a close-up of dirty shutters.  What you can't see are the mud dobber and wasp nests, guaranteed to be behind every shutter in SW Florida.
Shutter fronts are easy to clean (they are also easy to damage, that's why Poseidon Power Wash is extremely careful with our high pressure equipment) To clean them properly, removing all the gunk trapped behind them, takes patience.
I noticed these pavers could use some brightening up, so I hit them real quick free of charge when I was wrapping up.
Bye-bye grime, bye-bye bike (just kidding)
This paver deck was another freebie.
That's better.